Objectives of NEA-UK


Nigerian Events Awards – UK


Nigerian Events Awards UK is co-founded primarily with the aim of bringing together all UK based Nigerian Event practitioners and celebrating our industry. We also wanted an avenue to recognise, showcase and promote the skills and hard work of professionals who work behind the scenes of Shows, Concerts, Weddings, Social Parties etc. We also feel there is a need for partnerships, cohesion and strategic alliances as well as raising the standard of performance among the UK based Nigerian Events Professionals.

Nigerian Event Awards UK seeks to be pinnacle of achievement among the Nigerian Events Industry in UK. Eventually, without the Nigerian Events Awards there would be no real benchmark for excellence within the different sectors in the Nigerians Events community in the UK.

Currently, there is a gross lack of partnerships and strategic alliances among Nigerian Events practitioners resulting in a total lack of recognition of this industry. Part of our vision is to eradicate this lack by bringing everyone involved in the industry together in co-operation and get us  raising the standard of performance among the UK based Nigerian Events Professionals.

Nigerian Event Awards show gives any events company the networking opportunity of the year within the UK events industry. Expected at the ceremony are: marketing and promoting agencies, vendors and  suppliers, potential clients;  movers and shakers within the Nigerian Diasporan community as well as socio-political dignitaries from home.

Industry professionals who have worked behind the scenes for so long will also be brought to the limelight and celebrated. This all can’t be achieved in one edition so we intend to hold this event annually in order to increase awareness and celebrate the achievements of the people behind events scene.


The benefits of being nominated for Nigerian Event Awards UK  far outweigh  the attendance cost. The shortlist will be  heavily covered by print and online Events magazines,  thus providing great promotional stream for relevant companies.  Being shortlisted is a great  motivational boost for any team  and has  a lasting effect on morale, and in terms of value is much more beneficial than alternative options such as taking the whole team out for lunch or throwing a party.

A chance to celebrate…

The benefits of winning a Nigerian Event Award UK, just being shortlisted as a  finalist are clear to see. The excitement of the awards ceremony, the internal and external PR and the fulfillment are all beneficial factors that result from being part of Nigerian Event Awards. Research has shown that having a marker of success against your brand or company name can win new business as well as encourage growth and development.

We are of the hope that the Nigerian Event Awards UK will become the black tie/evening dress networking event of the year for the UK based Nigerian events community.





We will start an aggressive marketing campaign 6 weeks prior to the event on:

1) Our Website

2) Social media: Facebook and Twitter campaigns from Nominees, Speakers and exhibitors accounts. Blog posts and YouTube adverts.

3) E-marketing campaigns

4) Radio and various partnering publications

5) TV ( cable stations whose audiences are in our target group)

6) SMS campaign

7) Flyers and posters distribution